Work In Progress #2 - Glitch

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

For this project I want to continue along the same lines as my last project with the theme. I want to make it about how my reality is being sucked into the internet. I want the project to telling of the times we are living through right now. Not only are we being sucked into the internet reality but human connection is being separated by various barriers. These barriers include my screen of the computer, phone, ipad, etc. but also because of COVID, masks are a barrier, the 6ft distance rule, barriers at shops, and various other physical barriers. The combo of all these barriers are making us actually socially distant and socially interact with one another differently and less.

so with this glitch project I will take photos of my reality and glitch them so that they are transformed into something else. The glitching will strip away the reality of the situation. I would like to think that it is both the computer and COVID that are casing this glitching to happen with reality. But at the end I want the story line to come back to reality, as if going through this glitch brings the protagonist back into their reality. I really don't want the internet or technology to be the enemy anymore becuase I wont want my work to have emotions of succumbing to technology, I want it to perhaps be a tool that is a new part of reality and a passage way back to reality. I want to Make peace with technology instead of a fear of technology which I exhibited in my last project. - how can we be entirely present and grounded and use tech - how can we use tech to create a perfect reality for ourselves.

some visual ideas I have are:

- a photo of one of my roomates screaming shaking her head and it's glitched with lines across, or as a gif, as if the person is screaming because they are feeling the effects of the internet physically.

- a photo / gif of people trying to kiss each other but they can't because of the masks or physically social distancing

- I think it would be cool to have imagery that represents someone trying to fix this glitch that is occurring, or if I tried to fix a glitch that broke a file.

- if I had a picture that was all glitch so that the original photo was unidentifiable and then had the worlds hang up or 1-800-hang up going across it as a gif and audio with the sound of a phone off the line.

so at the end of this I guess I want to portray the message to get off your phone & get outside and do your best to socialize with one another. So maybe the last image will have something ~coming back to reality~ and what it means to feel ~grounded~

how to I make tech media that doesn't feel like tech media?

also I am just sorta curious if anybody ever sees their phones, computers, TVs, etc in their dreams?? I can't think of any time ive looked at my phone in a dream. I feel like I've called someone but never seen the actual technology.. weird


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