Work in Progress #1 - VDMX

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

for the VDMX project I want to use the theme private/public existence and the privacy/anonymity with using the internet.

Especially now with basically everything I do during the day being online I feel like I have no privacy on the internet, all my information is out there and basically my whole personality exists on the internet as well as in person. But there is another side to it as well, there are people who go on the internet and have their true identities hidden, anyone can create an alter ego on the internet. And some people do very well, which I find kind of creepy. But its also eerie that all of my genuine information is out there. There is a strange juxtaposition happening currently.

Does the internet strip us of our privacy? Or give us unlimited privacy?

I will explore this question through using the VDMX software to do a live performance which shows what happens between our physical lives and our lives on the internet. Using my own footage and found footage which shows my normal reality being morphed into the reality of the internet, my whole existence somehow being within a rectangle screen. Connection the a physical world fades everyday, as humanity dives into the internet. The other storyline will be someone who creates an entirely new reality for themselves online and is able to express a hidden side of them that they cannot in the physical world. In the physical world it is difficult to hide who you actually are when meeting someone but the screen gives us the capability to hide that reality. So I guess the question is how much does the screen cover up for each individual? We all end up in this same cyber-net so does the person behind it really matter?

I want to use an aesthetic of vintage video capturing, I'm thinking of vintage warning signs and somewhat the twilight zone aesthetic of going into a different reality. I want the performance to feel like moving through screens aka transferring through these different realities. It will have emotions of fear, overexposure & freedom. I want to do the performance to music, I haven't figured out exactly what yet, something tech-sounding, I could potentially edit some sound effects in audacity. The ideal viewer of this project would watch it on their computer in a dark room with headphones on, while I stream the live performance. This would add another element of screen reality separation because it is me doing the live performance but I am not physically with the viewers.

Furthermore, as an artist I feel a need to get my work out there and have the public exposure. But as a person I want my privacy and want to protect my space so that not too much information about myself is available to the public.


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