REMIX - The Yes Men Movie

basically what the Yes Men do it use satire to make fun of / impersonate the WTO (world trade organization). They make a fake website that looks exactly the same as the WTO website but all the information is absurd. People reach out to them because they believe they actually are the WTO and ask them for their opinions on things or to come speak at different events. When they go to the events they say ridiculous things in a really serious manner and everyone believes them for some reason. When he goes to the textile conference in Finland he makes a giant case in support of slavery; then goes on to rip iff his suit in a golden spandex suit with a giant penis like video screen to view employees. The crazy thing is that people laugh a little bit but are clapping and look serious the whole time. It is interesting that they were upset nobody reacted because they presented it to very intelligent people with PHDs, and he states, "what cant corporations get away with". I thought it was crazy that it took till the college student lecture to get people to respond the way they actually wanted. They basically have become the WTO by claiming to be it, and are getting away with doing and saying whatever they want because the WTO is a well respected organization.

I don't know if what they do will have a huge impact on deglobalization because that is a huge issue to try and combat, but they definitely are raising awareness in a shocking and interesting way. Satire is a very effective way of portraying a message in the media (if your audience understands it). This does kind of come off as a prank at first, but you can tell they really have intention behind it when they get talking about it. I'm sure part of why they made this movie is so that they can be taken seriously. It does have elements of art but I would not describe it as "art", I also wouldn't describe it as "politics"; it's somewhere in between and there is an element of comedy. The Yes Men are obviously very smart guys and their plan to call out corporations in this manner is super smart, but its unfortunate most of the people in the crowds weren't smart enough to understand what was happening. The people who then go out of their way to read about what they are doing probably have similar viewpoints to them, so I do not know if they were really effecting the right audience. The hacker +activist position is definitely an interesting position to be in, because in one way they are breaking a bunch of rules, but for a better cause.

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