REMIX - Severe Complications (The AI Rock Band)

Album Cover

Back of Album with AI generated songs


Using I came up with the name for my new band, "Severe Complications".

Below is the process used to generate the name:

I learned more about my band:

I found out the names of the songs on the album:

I then used various AI softwares to generate images.

I played around with but in the end did not end up using the photos I generated.

Using I came up with a bunch of images, which I mostly used in the final piece.

Here I mixed Unicorn & Band

Here I mixed Band & Garden

Here I mixed circle & Band

Using I stylized the images

I combined all of the images in photoshop using different collaging & layers styles.

For the back of the album...

I used to paint the song names

Then I distorted the original album cover

I overlaid the text on the image

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