REMIX - RIP A Remix Manifesto

I think there are a ton of advantages to "open source" and "open content" in remix culture because it allows people to be more creative than they would have been from their original content. Especially when it comes to music, most of it is inspired by other artists and songs, it is almost impossible to make a beat that is completely original, uninfluenced. EDM is some of my favorite music, and when they show GirlTalk remixing at the concert it had a very strong connection to me. Some of my favorite songs and favorite moments at concerts are when they play remixes of old songs. And most of these songs are very iconic, and already have a significance in people's minds are hearts. I have never ever seen a listener upset because someone is remixing an iconic song, they are happy and feel nostalgic. The point that "culture always builds on the past" is extremely relevant to this because, listeners love music that is remixed from the past. I specifically think about the DJ Zeds Dead that has a bunch of remixed songs that can't be on Spotify, they have to be on SoundCloud, or play them at concerts because they don't have the rights the samples. My favorite is their remix of Eleanor Rigby by the Beetles. Even the name Zeds Dead is a remix from the movie Pulp Fiction, and they use that quote "Whos chopper is this" in their live shows and mixes sometimes. Restricting rights to music is absolutely not in the best interests for anything or anyone, expanding what already exists and what the world has to offer is the only way for the world to progress.

Copyright and intellectual property does become more obsolete in the digital / networking culture. Every time I log on to social media I see hundreds of people doing the same exact thing. So if a bunch of people can make a video of the same feta pasta, why cant artists remix the same songs in creative and original ways. I find it interesting copyright was created so that people could build on the past, because that is not happening at all. People should share intellectual property, more than they protect it, but give credit where it is due.

The original artists labor when remixed is still given credit, especially when in music, like I said earlier, the emotional connection people have to those songs is still there. Creative Commons is the direction the digital and creative world should go, so that original and remixed media can live in peace.

The old video clips warning people about Napster, illegally downloading music I find hilarious. It reminds me of when I used to illegally download music using limewire and youtube-mp3 converter. I actually still use youtube-mp3 converter when I need the actual mp3 file to use for a project. In my recent DA3 project I create these virtual clubs and downloaded mp3 files I wanted to use and put them into the video on premiere. Last semester I got a virus on my computer using a youtube downloading website for a video I made in DA2. Now I cant use safari on my computer because its stuck on yahoo search engine, sometimes crome does it too, but I can disable it when it pops up on crome. These videos I've made are on youtube and I'm not particularly worried about copyright issues because they are not widely spread and i'm not making a profit off of them. But maybe if my art actually starts gaining a following some day I could run into some issues. All of us are copyright criminals in some way or another, so it is ridiculous that artists that are using it for creativity and media meant for public consumption are prosecuted for it. For Free Use, I think the line of what counts as free use should be expanded, if you can quote famous writers in an essay, artists should be able to do it in music and movies.

It is extremely corrupt the way copyright has been manipulated just to generate profit. I do not want to live in a world where i am constantly seeing privatized ads. I want to live in a world where creativity is everywhere and exchanged and growing. Remix and open source platforms are important because it allows accessibility to everyone to be a creator or an artist. Platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud allow for anyone's music to be found and heard by everyone.

I really like how at end they say take this movie and manipulate it, remix it.

A remixers manifesto:

1. culture always builds on the past

2. the past always tries to control the future

3. our future is becoming less free

4. to build free societies you must limit the control of the past

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