remix - rhythm science

terms or phrases from the book that stand out

  • gene-splice generation

  • thought vector: the relationship between a geometry and a geography of information

  • Home is where your cell phone is

  • Psycho-geography

  • The great sea of pop culture

  • Nomad idea : any sound can be you

  • Laptop jazz, cybernetic jazz, nu-bop

  • Dematerialization– rhythm sciences don’t need orchestras; they can simulate them just fine

  • Sampling is dematerialized sculpture

- “rhythm science creates parallel sound-scapes because its music that says, “there could be another way”

- “the music speaks louder than any individual voice, and the music is saying that the old boundaries no longer exist.

- “sampling allows people to replay their own memories of the sounds and situations of their lives”

more to come

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