Remix - final project idea

A series of animated gifs.

Name ideas: Futures Foregone , Environmental Distress , So Long Earth

For the final project I am going to use the skills/resources/software that we learned about in Corrina's guest lecture and Laura's guest lecture. This is a combination of AI softwares, photoshop, and gif making.

I am going to create more gifs similarly styled to the gifs I made for my band. They will not directly be about my band this time though. They will be inspired by nature and global warming, and how humans are destroying the environment. Using the AI software I am going to determine what will happen to the environment if humans keep doing the things we are doing now. I will use a combination of my own illustrations, other gifs & AI imagery.

I am inspired by this idea we talked about where using inferkit is like having a conversation with some other being out in the oblivion. We don't really know what our future holds for us and I cannot accurately guess what will happen, so I must rely on the ai to tell me. The sound I made using reaper also would compliment the gifs nicely I believe because of the all the sounds happening at once and confusion in it. Depending on how it goes, and as the process goes on, I think my band could make a guest appearance in this project.

digital resources: + procreate + + + photoshop = final project

Illustrations I have so far

previous gifs - style inspo

gif inspo:






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