Remix - Final Project

Environmental Distress

These images were created in procreate + photoshop by a combination of my illustrations and remixing existing gifs. Each piece of nature is something native to Colorado - wildflowers, animals, trees, and the places we go. Because of human actions these things are being destroyed. I gathered some intel from the AI text generator then took certain ideas and ran with them to create my own story of how the world ends. It begins with environmental degradation - pollution, climate change, wildlife is changing, there are radioactive bugs. Then it progresses to things directly done by the human hand - parks closing, the government idling standing by and doing nothing, even the park benches are sick of it. Then it progresses to utter destruction - fire, melting, everything is burning - like the world is stuck in a never ending microwave. It has gone too far and if nothing is done then we'll lose the world we have. Now is the time to take a look at how your actions are causing climate change and what you need to do to change.

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