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Valley Girl

Ok so, today I was like taking the bus, the S bus, during rush hour, it was like crazy busy! I got on the bus and it was definitely over capacity by at least a few people. And there were just a bunch of people getting off and on at the same time. Then there was this guy that was standing there and he looked sorta weird he had like such a long neck, kinda like a giraffe or something. He also had a weird hat on - but anyways people were like stepping on his toes when they got off and on or and it really pissed him off. He like decided it was the guys next to him's fault or whatever and totally yelled at him! I was like omg wack. Then he just turned around and went and sat on a seat that just opened up, it was like awkward af.

Omg and later that day the weirdest thing happened, I totally saw him again! I was just walking down the street and there he - was at the Saint-Larare. And this guy that was with him was like telling him the buttons on his jacket are so beat and should be moved up more or something. Anyways totally weird thing, my life is like so crazy, right!

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