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For the final DA2 project I decided to create my virtual reality. I did this by drawing 3 walls, a ceiling and floor in procreate. They had animated gifs in them as well. Then I put them into photoshop to create one giant gif, and distorted the walls to give the depth of a 3D room. I also played music for an auditorial experience. The song used is SWEAT by Billy Kenny.

This room is a dreamscape of an altered reality I created in my head. I've always told myself my goal in life is to be able to do whatever i want, so I create that physical place in my dreams. The theme of this room is an underground club / hell. but a good kind of hell, the hell you want to go to. It is an oxymoron for people who are judged in society and told "go to hell" or "they're going to end up in hell" because of just being themselves, so this is a place on freedom and liberation where people actually want to hangout. It is a place outside of our normal reality that was created by something non-human but humans have been invited because the world they were living in was so horrible, and starting to feel like an actual bad hell. Also nobody can get COVID here since it isn't in a human dimension. The environment could be described as a low-key club where everyone can be themselves and feel liberated from the mundane and demeaning reality of our physical existence on earth. People in the normal world would think that only "bad" people would come here so we are going to embrace that in this new dimension and do whatever we want. this will be a world about finding new perspective with one another. The music playing in the club is house music.

This project inspired me to want to create more digital / VR places. I want to explore VR technologies further and hope to bring experiential settings to people virtually now. I could create a giant virtual club with a bunch of non-human DJs and I think it would be awesome.

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