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Glitch in The System

This project creates a discussion around the changes we have all faced during 2020. These changes are extreme, something we most have not faced before. From, COVID and social distancing, to corrupt government and our entire lives somehow existing within a digital screen. Our reality is changing and while currently, it may appear everything is ending, I want to portray a message that we have to go through change to create a better future. Granted, we have no clue what that future will look like. I used the theme of technology, with old technologies and new to exemplify how the news, disastrous news and just general badness of what's going on is spread at such rapid rates. The 90's and .com era have always been fascinating to me for some reason, in this time period technology was booming and everyone thought it was so advanced and futuristic, so much was new for people then. They could not even understand the technology and had to have email explained to them because it was too complex. The glitch I represent throughout my series is meant to be a 'glitch in the system' right now, there is a glitch preventing us from living our lives how we did previously. There are barriers that are glitches, we cannot physically be together, we cannot physically touch each other, for some the most intimate they can get is over the internet. Our whole lives exist virtually as well as physically. If I have a 'productive' day that probably means I am sitting in front of one of my devices all day. This is a new experience, but doesn't come as a shock at all, the abundance of information we receive through such devices is a shock though. Who knows what will come when we all disconnect from an old reality and completely plug into this virtual one.

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