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Peruvian Puff Peppers [formerly: Robert (Bobby) Bob Bunions]


Peruvian Puff Peppers, formerly known as Robert (Bobby) Bob Bunions is 72 years old. He faked his own death 3 years ago at the age of 69 in order to create a new identity for himself and escape the government’s close watch on members of society. Peruvian Puff Peppers (Tripple P) grew up just outside of Salt Lake City, UT and was raised Mormon by parents Loraine and Douglas Bunions. At age 18 he moved to Oregon to attend University of Oregon and study philosophy. He ended up receiving a PhD in philosophy and was a professor for a short period of time. While teaching he met his wife Jill, who was one of his students. When he was 35 his parents died and he started going through a mid-life crisis, he decided he needed to follow his true passion. He quit his job to become a self-employed movie-critic, he never succeeded in this field. His failure as a movie critic was not to blame on anyone, he uploaded his reviews online and no one ever published them. He was convinced that his neighbor was hacking his WIFI and deleting the reviews. Around this time, he really started losing it, he wasted all his money on cyber security and his wife divorced him and married her co-worker Rick from Macy’s. Things progressed downhill from here, Peruvian is convinced the government is out to get him. He willingly moved in with his great aunt from Eugene, Oregon because she needed someone to take care of her. Rick is a government employee and Peruvian is convinced that he knew about him all along and planned all his misfortune to steal his wife. 3 years ago, when Peruvian faked his own death, he collected his own blood, 2 pints a week, for a year. Then he ripped out most of his hair, and even had a tooth that fell out. He went to his ex-wife’s house and left the blood, hair and tooth in her backyard. He was working at the last blockbuster in the world at the time, so when he didn’t show up to work, they were concerned and called his aunt. Since his aunt was losing it, Peruvian made her go along with it and say he wasn’t living there. Now, 3 years later, he was entirely ditched his identity has Robert and is living a paranoid life inside his aunt’s apartment. His ex-wife and her husband are still being investigated for the murder of Robert Bobby Bunions. Peruvian now (somewhat) enjoys his time by going on the internet all day and reading government conspiracy theories. His biggest fear is the government. He gets peace from doing his same routine every day. Every Friday he goes to the bar below his apartment and plays pool with 2 men, who only know him as Peruvian puff pepper. He has online friends, which he now considers his best friends. He is living off his inheritance and his aunt’s but is running out of money quickly because he spends it all on cybersecurity and sloppy joes.


How does your soul manifest its physical form?

1. Species?

1. human

2. Gender?

1. Non-binary

3. Hair, fur, scales or skin color?

1. No hair

4. Tattoos, piercings, scars, horns? tail? wings? other anomalies?

5. Eyes? How many, what color?

1. green

6. Head shape?

1. cone

7. Ear shape?

1. Attached earlobes

8. Teeth? What kind?

1. Straight on top crooked on bottom

9. General size?

1. Stumpy short, kind of overweight


1. Tucked in t shirts

2. High waisted cargo shorts with belt

3. Plaid short sleave button down with wife beater


1. Almost translucent with sickly yellow undertone

12.Skeletal structure?

Make a loose sketch depicting your soul's physical likeness.

Who is your soul, really? Answer these questions (short answers ok) to find out.

1. Full name? - Peruvian Puff Peppers (previously Robert bob bunnions)

2. Age? – 72

3. Zodiac Sign? - Scorpio

4. 3 fears?

1. Pets wearing clothes

2. The government

3. Telemarketers

5. 3 things they love?

1. His mom

2. Pickleball

3. Sloppy joes

6. 4 turn ons?

1. Milfs / dilfs / zilfs

2. smooth skin & no body hair

3. good eyebrows

4. well hydrated

7. 4 turn offs?

1. Shortness

2. Movie talkers

3. Vegans

4. Government employees

8. Best friend? – someone he met online their name Frank

9. Sexual orientation? - pansexual

10.Favorite color? - brown

11.Current obsession? – yo-yos

12.Favorite quote? – “I am untethered, and my rage knows no bounds”

13.Favorite place? – the small bar below his apartment – he plays pool there

14.Favorite music? – medieval instrumental

15.Daily routine?

1. – wakes up at 5 am, takes a bath, has a bacon and sausage and turkey and hot chicocolate for breakfast

2. Checks his computer

1. Checks reddit

2. Checks his security cameras

3. Checks on his great aunt who is much older and kind of losing it

4. Scopes out his house to make sure no intruders

5. Goes on computer more – reading about government conspiracy theories

6. Eats lunch with his aunt while watching history channel – bologna and mayo sandwich

7. Goes on computer more – has a twitter

8. Eats tv dinner in his fav recliner and drinks beer

9. On Fridays he goes to the bar below his apartment and plays pool



16.Favorite Food? - corned beef hash

17.Someone they love? – his ex-wife - jill

18.Someone they hate? - - his ex-wife’s new husband – rick – does analystics for the governement

19.Current relationship status? - single, divorced

20.Relationship with their parents? – deceased

21.Children? - no

22.Favorite season? - fall

23.Good or Evil? - evil

24.What they did during quarantine? – same thing always – except when everyone was inside he went out to stalk jill and rick

25.Their main addiction? – reddit

26.Their profession? – retired now – but used to be a movie critic

27.Their education? - phd in philosophy

28.Where they grew up? – Salt Lake City, UT

29.Best 2 personality traits? Generous, expressive

30.2 worst personality traits? Paranoid, really nervous, lowkey alcoholic

31.Religion? Grew up Mormon – now atheist

32.Their pet(s)? none

33.Their weapon of choice? He carries a swiss army knife that is his prized possession

34.Their mission or purpose for existing? To overthrow the government

35.Their kryptonite? His ex-wife’s perfume

This is what Peruvian Puff Peppers looks like:

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