How to do nothing

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The idea of doing nothing is rather appealing to me, often times when I’m filled to the brim with work I think, I wish I could just do nothing right now. But other times, when I think I’m doing nothing because I’m watching tv and being lazy, it stresses me out because I feel like I should be doing something. I think doing nothing to actually do nothing has a lot to do with mindfulness. I really like when Odell says, “Nothing” is neither a luxury nor a waste of time, but rather a necessary part of meaningful thought and speech (Odell). When I think, ah I wish I were rich, so I could lay in the beach doing nothing all day, that is not the same type of nothingness. Doing nothing and nothingness of life can exist in everyday for everyone if they want. Odell mentions how the architecture of the rose garden encourages you to do nothing, nothing but relax. Are we so caught up in media, technology, other people’s lives that we have to tell ourselves to do nothing just to relax? We have to find something to do that reminds us to do nothing, like birdwatching, walking outside, or painting. Deep listening therapy, just like many other immersive therapeutic exercises are necessary to help us do nothing now a days, it helps us tune out our own thoughts and forget about time for a little bit. Doing nothing, from my understanding, is essentially a way for us to find mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness is essential to bring us back to ourselves and the earth. Sometimes it is hard to relax and plan that out, but if you can say my plan for after lunch is to do nothing for 20 minutes I think that is very helpful.

based off of Jenny Odell's thoughts

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