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Holding onto Myself - VDMX performance

Piece Statement:

For this project I used VDMX software to livestream and visual and auditorial performance to my classmates. I used my found footage and my own, and the song Holding On by Bot Your Dope and Leo The King.

This performance is intended to portray my daily battle with technology and the internet reality as a whole other world. Especially now, as my day to day is more and more digital, I spend my whole day existing in this reality that is the internet. The lines between this physical world and the internet world are blurring. I try my best to hold on to my physical reality, but its almost as if my identity exists on the internet just as much as it does physically on earth.

I used imagery from the twilight zone to represent transferring into another reality and the idea that the internet knows everything about us. I wanted this video to have feeling of transferring between realities and trying to keep grasp of one, while being sucked into another. The ninja turtle cartoons are relevant because the internet used to be all fun and games for me, I like it and really wanted to be on it to play. Now I'm dreadful at the fact I'm on the internet all day long.

But without the internet I wouldn't be able to create this video, I would be able to give a performance to others via zoom. The internet literally is the whole reality for me in the process of creating this project. I now hope that this piece can make others aware of how prominent the internet is in our daily reality, and be an inspiration for others to disconnect from this digital reality.

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