Deep Listening

I’ve heard of deep listening and I’ve thought about listening versus hearing before, but not quite in this frame of mind that Oliveros does. Deep listening grounds you, it brings you back to nature, that is why animals use it for survival. This is why modern living takes us away from deep listening, because it’s too much going in, you can’t focus. It’s too easy to tune out all the sounds around us because there are so many, there’s so many sounds it seems silent. All that you hear is the voice in your head and that is pulling you away from physically being present. Sitting on my couch right now, I am trying to practice deep listening, but absorbing all the random sounds I hear around me. I can hear the heater running and blowing air, I can hear my computer keys ticking, and the faint sound of my roommate watching videos on her phone. When I listen to these sounds, I feel relaxed, these aren’t even natural sounds, but I know they’re real. I liked when it said listening is combined with so many other elements of how we perceive the world around us, “listening is active. It allows age, experience, expectation and expertise to influence perception” (Oliveros 2003). Just with any sense, seeing tasting touching, our understanding of it ages and matures with us. We can either grow closer or further away from the natural earth. Deep listening is meditation and is one of the ways we can practice mindfulness in our everyday lives. Practicing mindfulness brings you back to who you are before all the noise of the world took it away from you. Art is also mindfulness, art helps bring me back to who I am supposed to be.

This is from Pauline Oliveros:

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