DA3 - WIP 4 - virtual gallery from the future

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

For my final project I want to do a continuation of my previous project - actually more of a 2nd series. I really like the idea of bringing inanimate objects to life through animated illustrations. I bring the items to life through the relationship that us as humans have with them. So I want to continue with that idea but in nature. This time though the objects I will make illustrations of will likely be living objects - but not alive in the same way we are - so it still makes sense for me to "bring them to life". I think I will go with a different color scheme this time - maybe purple, blue, green & yellow; or I could go along the vibe of the world is burning and do red, orange, yellow, green. We'll see. To make it coordinate with the other perhaps I'll use the same shade of purple or yellow I used in My House. I think I will name this project something like My Garden or My Backyard or Our Forest. The idea behind this project could be a commentary on climate change, and how the wildlife wants to stay the way it is but is being forced to change because of what we are doing. So hopefully people can walk away from it with an appreciation for nature and a feeling of wanting to make a difference for the environment. At the end I will also put all the little illustrations into one big one.

My House

So far

more inso

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