DA3 - WIP 2 - Virtual Escape Continued

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

For the continuation of my Virtual Escape project I will create a platform for the virtual clubs to exist in. My plan is to create a website that looks like you are in a room and there are 3 doors you can go into. door 1 will say heaven, door 2 will say somewhere in between & door 3 will say hell. Then when you click on the door it will automatically open the video and be playing music. I will make 3 separate playlists for each so that it will be continuously playing so each time you open the door it will be in the middle of a random song.

Hopefully this will create an environment someone may want to hangout in for a while and pick a room depending on their vibe.

I have explored the wix app for video players and could add it as a page on my website. but I am also interested in exploring other options.

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