DA3 - WIP 1 - Dreamscape VR Rooms

For my first project in DA3 I am going to build off of what I finished last semester with - My Virtual Reality. Then throughout the semester I will continue to build this whole concept.

I will create a total of 4 VR rooms, including the devil club which I will perfect. Each room will have a distinct theme and have a different animated character in them. There will be a music soundtrack for each room as well. Previously I constructed the room by drawing each wall, ceiling & floor in procreate as a gif then importing them to photoshop to combine them with the correct proportions for a depth effect, then exporting as a gif and playing music with it. In this next series I will work more on how to export them with the highest quality I can and perhaps as mp4s which I can imbed the music into.

The theme of these rooms is meant to be a virtual escape from reality. Everyone is cooped up in their homes & not able to go out and do whatever activity it is that helps them release. So I want to create that experience but in a virtual room, but even better than if you got to really go out. My goal is to create an environment of freedom, non-judgment, acceptance, belonging & connection. Also COVID does not exist in this dimension of reality. This is a place for humans from our reality to escape to another reality we have found.

I described the previous room as "a low-key club where everyone can be themselves and feel liberated from the mundane and demeaning reality of our physical existence on earth." I hope to continue along similar notes in the next project, but different environments. I already have a basement, so now I need an upstairs, a room to the left & a room to the right. I guess the room in the center would be where we are right now. Then the people viewing can pick whichever room is the most their vibe. My intention is that viewers would be sitting viewing this on a computer wit over the head headphones on the create an immersive experience.

Brainstorming for other rooms:

Upstairs: Heaven - floating, very light, fun & goofy. Pretty lights

Left: Desert - cactuses, string instruments, western yet funky. Dirtwire

Right: idk maybe a city or the top of a mountain

Downstairs: Hell - room already started. House music

3 Words to describe my concept: dreamscape, freedom, immersive

Previous VR Room:


In project 2, my goal is to create an online platform to access all of them, I am not very familiar the coding required to create my vision in a webpage, so it will definitely be a learning process.

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