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Virtual Escape

welcome to the virtual escapes page of rules & regulations

here you will find all the info you need before enjoying a night at the VE


1. no covid - covid doesn't exist in this alternate reality

2. headphones are a yes

3. do whatever you want but be nice

4. liberate yourself

5. forget your reality

The intention of this art project is to create a virtual escape from reality. I used a combination of procreate, photoshop, and wix website builder to create an immersive digital art project. The viewer will ideality have a feeling of relaxing and excitement at the same time. These are contrasting ideas often, so hopefully the relaxing feeling will be one where the viewer isn't worried about who is judging them or societal pressures, it is a place where they can be themselves. There is excitement, that the viewer has a little journey to go on, through the different rooms, discovering new music, and interacting with the digital space. Environmental feeling and surrounding, and how those effect us are something I am interested in. I hope to continue exploring how to merge art experiences and digital art.

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