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What makes a great [mobile | digital] art exhibition?

By Mícheál Mac an Airchinnigh, Glenn Strong, Catherine Giltrap, Shane Brennan, and Mike Brady


This article talks about how to make successful digital art galleries that exist on mobile devices. Virtual galleries displaying my work is something I have an interest in, so this article relates heavily to my work. The article discusses how self-curating is a possibility now and an excellent way for artists to get their work out there. It studies two fundamental questions, “How can I prototype my ideas and get feedback?” and “How can I facilitate and augment self-curation in the mobile digital world?” the article uses Flickr as an example of success because they limit the number of similar photos so that there is diversity. At Trinity College in Ireland, they created a digital called “George Dawson: An Unbiased Eye” that celebrated 50 years of work by a professor. They used QR codes that people would scan to go on an interactive exhibition trail. This idea of using QR codes to share your work is one that makes you work visible to everyone in public. Instead of hanging a poster to visit a gallery they can visit it immediately on their phone. I think a random QR code on stickers around a city in creative because it creates a level of curiosity for the person passing by. I’m sure that many people would pass by without even noticing, but those who are curious enough to scan it would probably care more about it. The exhibitions are successful because they are mini exhibitions, not a full commitment of visiting somewhere and highly accessible.

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