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Environmental Distress

Environ-mental distress

For my final DA3 project I created a virtual gallery based in 2121. It is a time capsule into the future about what will happen if we do nothing about climate change. I wanted to create art that could share an important message, and instead of just uploading the digital files to a blog post I wanted to present them in a way that could make the art more of an experience. Art experiences are something that really interest me, the way that environment plays a role in how we consume what is in front of us. With the class being entirely virtual, virtual spaces is something I enjoyed exploring this semester.

Throughout this gallery, each level shows a progression of how the world ended - getting worse each level. It begins lightly, with vegetation becoming toxic and radioactive bugs. Then it moves to what humans have done - closing parks, park benches getting up and leaving and the government doing nothing to stop it. Then the world completely being destroyed, uncontrollable fires, the world is basically being microwaved at this point. Lastly is a reflection point, with a mirror for the viewers to look back at themselves and think about all they did wrong to let the earth go.

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