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A Screen Break: Public Art Project



  • I Printed out 10 of each image on a standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

  • I used clear packing tape to hang the images.

  • I hung them up in areas on the hill and campus that people often walk past – and usually they are staring down at their phones – disconnected from real life.

  • Location 1 – kiosk on campus

  • Location 2 – telephone/light poles along college avenue

CU Campus

College Avenue:

Intention ~ Intervention ~ Integration

  • My intention with this Public Art project is to create a social intervention, that encourages people to disconnect from their devices.

  • Hopefully, this project could also integrate into a city setting peacefully, with lots of billboards and electronics everywhere.

  • This would grab people’s attention with the bright colors and large scale, even if the viewer does not fully understand the artistic elements, maybe it will give them a moment to think about their life when not connected to electronics.

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