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Artist Statement

Hayden Hiner (she/her)

Through my art I want to combine surrealistic aspects of my life and

figments of my imagination. I often find myself daydreaming, this

is all a rendition of that.

I studied Sociology and Art with a focus in Digital Art at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I'm also pursuing a Graphic Design Specialization Certificate from California Institute of the Arts. I consider myself a Digital Media Artist, focusing currently on Illustration and Design. Working in mixed medias, I use various graphic design tools - mainly photoshop, illustrator, and procreate, with a few others sparsely in there. Lately, I have been making a lot of pieces using a combination of procreate and photoshop, illustrating using my iPad and then further rending the images and animations in photoshop.

Throughout my various pieces I want to tell a story that takes the viewer out of our physical world. I hope to connect with my viewers through my art, sharing a piece of myself but also relating through experiences. My work explores themes of: connection between perspective, place and environment, idealistic fantasy and harsh reality, private sphere and public sphere, nostalgia and modernism. I enjoy working with warm-toned colors and connected line worked. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors by hiking, camping, and snowboarding; also cooking, and listening to music, especially on vinyl. All these things contribute to my inspiration and creative process.


Beyond creating art, I am interested in the ways art affects society. The ways that viewing art makes people feel and the mutual enjoyment that visual goodness bring people are topics I want to explore further. Professionally, I am pursuing graphic design. I hope to use my Illustrative talents combatted with the technical design experience in a professional setting.  Further down the road I am interested in how design could intersect with the word of curating and art direction.


Now hop along for the ride.



phone: 206.915.0156

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