Artist Statement

Hayden Hiner (she/her)

Yellow Symphony is about enjoying the beautiful moments in life.

Through my art I want to combine surrealistic aspects of my life and

 figments of my imagination. It is about taking parts of my real world

then looking at them in a hyperbolic way.

I often find myself daydreaming, this is all a rendition of that.

My life as an artist began when I was a toddler, constantly wanting to draw, paint, or create anything I could get my hands on. My inspiration as a child came from growing up in Seattle, pushing through teenage angst and my surroundings. Now at age 22, I live in Colorado where I have pursued my passion for art in a different light. I studied Sociology and Art with a focus in Digital Art at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I consider myself a Digital Media Artist and Designer. Working in mixed medias, I use various graphic design tools - mainly photoshop, illustrator, premiere and procreate, with a few others sparsely in there. Lately, I have been making a lot of pieces using a combination of procreate and photoshop; illustrating using my iPad and then further rending the images and animations in photoshop.

Throughout my various pieces I want to tell a story and narrate through imagery that takes the viewer out of our physical world. I hope to connect with my viewers through my art, sharing a piece of myself but also relating through experiences. My work explores themes of: connection between place and environment, idealistic fantasy and harsh reality, private sphere and public sphere, nostalgia and modernism. I enjoy working with warm-toned colors and soft lines that make everything feel connected. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors by hiking, camping and snowboarding; also cooking, snowboarding, and listening to music, especially on vinyl. All of these things contribute to my inspiration and creative process.


Beyond creating art I am interested in the ways art affects society. The ways that viewing art makes people feel and the mutual enjoyment that visual goodness bring people are topics I want to explore further. Art curating, public art, and street art are extremely interesting ways for artists to express themselves while connecting with public audience, but also talking to the audience about the connection they have with one another.


hope to continue in the creative industries through design and curating. I want to use my creative skills to work with art and the viewers' surroundings, experiential art, and thinking beyond just viewing a painting in a gallery.

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Phone: 206.915.0156